Ultrasound investment to cut patient waiting times

The purchase of a new ultrasound machine by Green Hills X-ray and Ultrasound is expected to reduce patient waiting times significantly.

That is the belief of business owner Peter Sylow, who said more than $100,000 had been spent on the new equipment. 

The machine will be used for a range of ultrasounds including general, obstetric, musculoskeletal and vascular.

Mr Sylow said a boom in appointments led to his business making the investment in the machine.

“We saw our lists blowing out and didn’t want people to have to wait so long for their tests,” he said.

“So due to the demand we bought another ultrasound machine to try to give the community more service.

“$100,000 is a fair commitment, but we are now running two rooms, which is great.”

Mr Sylow said there would be plenty of benefits for the business.

“Obviously with the new machine it means we can see more patients and in turn employ more people,” he said.

“But the machine can do a range of things including obstetric scanning and scanning for babies.

“It can do abdomens and pelvis scanning, so basically we are able to offer a wider range of services.”

Mr Sylow said the support his business received from the community was another reason he hoped the investment would turn out to be a good one.

“I should reiterate that we are very lucky in that we have so many good referring GPs,” he said.

“The community has supported us as well, which is one of the reasons we’ve decided to get the new machine in.

“We don’t like waiting for appointments ourselves, so if we can offer the community more timely appointments hopefully everyone wins in the long run.”

The new ultrasound machine has been in operation since the beginning of August.

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