Gig guide: where the bands are playing

Battlesticks Bar Thursday, Nicko. Friday, Aqwa. Saturday, Tim Rossington. Sunday, Nicholas Connors.

Beresfield Bowling Club Friday, Sundays Record. Saturday, The Years. Sunday, Red Dirt Country Band.

The Bradford Friday, Reggie Sinclair. Saturday, Hit Pit.

Cambridge Hotel Friday, KLP (Glasshouse), Split Feed, Blue Velvet, Paper Thin, Govv (Warehouse). Saturday, ColourSound.

Clarendon Hotel Friday, Lauren Arms. Saturday, Bonny Rai.

Club Maitland City Friday, Phil McKnight.

Commercial Hotel Morpeth Friday, Michael Bryers. Saturday, Presidential Sweet.

Country Club Hotel Shoal Bay Friday, Courtney Mills. Saturday, DJ Ules.

Criterion Hotel Carrington Saturday, Roxy. Sunday, Jim Overend.

Customs House Friday, Kaylah Anne. Saturday, Karen O’Shea. Sunday, Arley Black.

Family Hotel Maitland Friday, Witchery.

George Tavern Friday, Tim Broadway. Saturday, Dos Eager.

Grain Store Saturday, Kylie Jane. Sunday, JJ King.

Grand Junction Hotel Friday, Nicholas Connors Band, Ahlia Rain. Saturday, Arcades and Lions. Sunday, Papa Pilko, Bin Rats.

GRAND JUNCTION: Arcades and Lions will play on Saturday.

GRAND JUNCTION: Arcades and Lions will play on Saturday.

​Hamilton Station Hotel Friday, The Loom of Time, The Stranger Five Survive, Chillaum.

Harrigan’s Pokolbin Friday, The Trade Ins. Saturday, Greg Bryce, Gen-R-8. Sunday, Troy Kemp.

Honeysuckle Hotel Sunday, Mick Jones.

Hotel Delany Friday, 4 Letter Word. Saturday, Sundays Record.

Kent Hotel Friday, Dos Eager. Saturday, Overload. Sunday, The Hot Yogis.

King Street Hotel Friday, Jaysounds. Saturday, Ganz, Fossa Beats. 

Lass O’Gowrie Friday, Truman Smith Band, As of Sky, Jason Lowe. Saturday, Jackson, Dave Favours & The Road Side Ashes, The Iron Horses. Sunday, Lincoln le Fevre, Jen Buxton, Jamie Hay.

Lizotte’s Thursday, Taasha Coates, Daniel March. Friday, The Life & Music of Stevie Wright & the Easybeats. Saturday, ABBAsback. Sunday, Circus Avalon.

Maitland Leagues Club Friday, Prahlad Little. Saturday, Johnny Devilseed & Ole Man Rubes. Sunday, National Music Academy Students, Andrew G.

Mark Hotel Saturday, Zane Penn Duo. Sunday, Love That Hat.

Mary Ellen Friday, Tre Soul. Saturday, Misbehave. Sunday, Matt McLaren.

Potters Brewery Friday, Todd Schmoo.

The Pourhouse Saturday, Jamie Martens.

Rutherford Hotel Saturday, Brendan Murphy.

Seabreeze Hotel Friday, Mardmax. Sunday, Jacinta.

Shenanigans at the Imperial Thursday, Phoenix Pritchard. Friday, Gareth Jay. Saturday, John Larder. Sunday, Jye Sharp.

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