Big Things postie bike tour stops in at Thornton's Ugg boots

Australia big things are iconic, the Big Banana, Ozzie the Mozzie and of course Thornton’s Big Ugg Boots.

It was these five-metre tall boots that brought Jacqui Kennedy to town.

The 51-year-old adventurer has travelled more than 49,000 kilometres solo on a postie bike called Mo during the past two years.

During her travels she has dropped in on Big Things across the country and ticked off 173 monoliths of the 250-plus dotted around the nation.

“It appeals to my sense of ridiculousness,” she said of her tour. “Adventure is found outside your comfort zone, I love it.”

With a few bags strapped to a 110cc postie bike, the Wollongong native has mapped her way around Australia and photographed each big thing that she has found along the way.

The Ugg boots were number 173 on her list.

Ms Kennedy said the Thornton pair were impressive but truly dwarfed by a coastal cousin .

“The Big Prawn in Ballina was my favourite,” she said. “The photo with the postie bike in front gives you some sense of scale.

"My other favourite is The Big Lobster, down in South Australia, because it was designed by the engineers in feet and constructed by builders in metres. It is truly massive.”

The stop at Thornton was the tail end of her first lap around the country. She plans to hit the road again in early 2016 for a second lap to see the big things she missed the first time around.

Her trusty steed, Mo, has racked up 95,000 kilometres and Ms Kennedy hopes to clock the bike’s odometer over at least once before she calls it quits.

Ms Kennedy is self-employed and runs a company associated with motorbikes. She has travelled on bikes before and has ridden a scooter through Europe twice.

“I was on a 300cc scooter and everyone kept telling me to get a real bike, so I got a 110cc postie,” she laughed.

Follow Ms Kennedy’s progress online at Check out the map below and, if you know of a Big Thing that's not on her map, let her know.

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