Paterson Country Cafe joins Change Coffee Day to help starving kids in Africa

FUNDRAISER:  Paterson Country Cafe manager Brock Pierce.
FUNDRAISER: Paterson Country Cafe manager Brock Pierce.

A Paterson cafe is now offering coffee lovers the chance to help feed children in Africa by taking part in Change Coffee Day on Friday, December 4.

Paterson Country Cafe in King Street is taking part in the Buy 2, Get 1 campaign where the cost of a second cup of coffee will help fund ­programs for vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa.

“We read a story in the Maitland Mercury about the Lahori Dine In & Take Away in Maitland that has ­adopted this program and we thought we should take part in this program too,” cafe owner Karen Peirce said.

Change Coffee is a fundraising initiative for the not-for-profit organisation Eniwe Children’s Fund, which aims to improve the lives of abandoned and under­privileged children through various housing, food and skills development programs. 

Ms Peirce said that on Friday, customers could pay around $4 for a cup of coffee, plus $3.50, which would go to the Eniwe Children’s Fund. 

Those customers would receive a cardboard cup emblazoned with the Coffee Change Day motif.

“We read in the Mercury about how a single cup of Change Coffee would feed 15 children for a day, one cup would feed one child for 15 days – and 25 Change Coffees would feed one child for a whole year,” Ms Peirce said.

“We have sponsored a child for World Vision and when we told customers about joining the Change Coffee plan, they were very supportive.

“So we have now signed up to join the Change Coffee Day scheme and we already have 50 cups for the big day.”

Her son Brock, who also manages the cafe, said they were hopeful of many orders on Change Coffee Day.

“If people can help kids in need for the cost of $3.50 with each cup of coffee they buy, we are hopeful many other cafes will join the scheme too,” he said.

Robyn Borruso, the founder of Change Coffee Day, said: “Alleviating poverty is not a task of charity - it is an act of justice.

“Since 2010, Eniwe Children’s Fund has raised over $300,000, bringing tangible results to impoverished communities,” Ms Borruso said.