Springfest II on October 15

Springfest II, the Hunter’s grassroots festival for local rising talent, will return to Hinton on Saturday.

Tickets are still available for the festival, which will be held from 12.30pm at the Victoria Hotel Hinton.

There’s no doubt the Hunter is now spoiled for choice with music festivals.

From the international, headlining acts of Groovin’ The Moo to the talented underdogs in Dashville’s stable and the legendary performances in the vineyards, there is a festival for every taste and season.

After a year of hosting open mic nights at a pub in Morpeth, music lover Dan Burrows realised the Hunter didn’t need to bring in outside talent for a music festival.

So he started Springfest in 2015.

“It was small, we sold out the 150 tickets we had, then we ended up letting in an extra 50 people when we realised we still had room,” he said.

A lot of the bands you'll find are at that raw stage... This is the time when they're pumping out awesome, original music.

Dan Burrows

On October 15, Springfest II will return, this time it will be held at the Victoria Hotel in Hinton, boasting 12 local acts from across the Hunter.

“A lot of the bands you’ll find are at that raw stage,” Mr Burrows said.

“They’re relentlessly doing the pubs and clubs circuit, playing at places like [Newcastle’s] Lass and Stag [and Hunter].

“This is the time when they're pumping out awesome, original music. But people outside that circuit won’t hear it.”

Mr Burrows said he had picked the 12 acts based on his personal love for indie rock and blues but the varied line-up meant there was something for everyone.

And for those looking to discover the Hunter’s next, major talent – Springfest II was perfect.

Springfest II Lineup

  • The Treehouse Children
  • Red Slim
  • Midnight Movers
  •  Arcades and Lions
  • Auxfire
  • Swamp to Sahara
  • Lennie Tranter And The Bagism Revelation
  • Jones The Cat
  • Maple Moths
  • Ben Bradly
  • In Motion
  • Stephanie Grace

Buy tickets online at facebook.com/SpringfestII

Swamp to Sahara