Motorists call for traffic lights at dangerous Thornton intersection

The intersection of Government Road and Raymond Terrace Road, Thornton appears to be the bane of motorits.

A Fairfax Media report this week about the dangerous intersection has resulted in scores of comments from people complaining about the road, many fearing for their safety each time they try to negotiate the turn.

Fairfax Media reported on Monday how residents fear a life will be lost if authorities don’t soon improve the intersection.

Cr Philip Penfold.

Cr Philip Penfold.

The intersection has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this year, but a serious two car collision recently has prompted calls from councillor Philip Penfold for the state government to list it as a high priority for improvement.

An RMS spokesperson said a road safety investigation was carried out in April last year. “While the speed limit was deemed appropriate, line marking and signage improvements were carried out,” the spokesperson said. “RMS will continue to work with Maitland council. There are no current plans for further work at the intersection.”

Comments on The Maitland Mercury’s Facebook page called for authorities to erect traffic lights and turning lanes at the intersection.

The intersections at Haussman Drive and Government Road are bottlenecks every afternoon. The roads cannot cope. - Lynda O'Brien

Others said the intersection of Raymond Terrace Road and Haussman Drive was also in need of improvements.

Lynda O’Brien said there are accidents all the time at both intersections and described them as a bottlenexk every afternoon.

Ebony Devlin said the government needs to look at how many new residents have moved to the area and adjust its infrastructure budget accordingly.

Susan Wright said it is amazing how many people ignore the Stop sign at the Government Road intersection.

Neil Joshua Abrea Smith said Raymond Terrace Road needs to be made four lanes wide in some areas. “There's just so much traffic on it these days,” he said.

In August Maitland council officers said the intersection upgrade is part of the future development of the area and is listed as an item of work in council’s Section 94 plan.