Thornton Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Aleyna FitzGerald scores three perfect 10's for photoshoot on episode five

It was 10s all round for Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Aleyna FitzGerald on this week’s episode.

The Thornton model secured three perfect scores for her photograph, the first 10 given for a photo in this season of the reality TV competition on Fox8.

The result came as a shock to Ms FitzGerald.

Posing in ice cold water with a fishing rod, the 17-year-old said she didn’t feel like she had pulled off a spectacular photo immediately after the shoot.

But she said she wanted to live up to expectations after judge Alex Perry put the pressure on to score a 10 the week before.

“Whatever they say the week before, I try to take that and use it,” she said. “I wanted to show them what I could do.”

It wasn’t a fluke either – Ms FitzGerald had previously scored a 10 in the first challenge for her catwalk skills.

Ms FitzGerald said while the scores set the bar high for her, they drove her to keep performing. Audiences can expect “some big things” from the next episode, which is themed “extreme week”.