Hearing begins over Maitland pursuit

Maitland court house.
Maitland court house.

A hearing has begun at Maitland local court over a police pursuit in March, to which a police officer was responding when he died in a single-vehicle crash.

Paul Robert Johnson faces a range of pursuit and speeding-related charges after he allegedly led police on a chase through Maitland on the night of March 5.

The hearing began at Maitland local court on Tuesday as defence for Mr Johnson questioned witnesses in an attempt to prove that his client was not driving the car in question during the pursuit.

Several witnesses are expected to be questioned during the hearing.

Sergeant Geoffrey Richardson was on his way to respond to the pursuit when he died in a single-vehicle crash at Allandale.

When the matter was first mentioned in court in August, Magistrate John Chicken said Sergeant Richardson’s death could not be counted as an aggravating factor in adjudicating the charges against Mr Johnson.

The hearing continues.