Maitland Mercury Letters to the Editor

PROBLEM AREA: Despite governmental funding promises, the road at Testers Hollow remains an issue during time of wet weather.
PROBLEM AREA: Despite governmental funding promises, the road at Testers Hollow remains an issue during time of wet weather.


For over 170 years the Maitland Mercury has produced detailed reports on the many floods that have inundated Maitland.

Such was the case in the destructive flood of 1913, when the following was written:  


KURRI. Thursday

 Reports received at Kurri this morning are to the effect that the water is over the East Greta Company’s railway between East Greta and East Greta Junction.  

Only one set of metals was being used for traffic, and at the time of writing, it was considered likely that if the bad weather continued traffic to the coal fields would be suspended today.

The road Kurri to Maitland is also flooded at Tester’s Hollow, where there is something like eight feet (2.44m) of water for a considerable distance.  

It will be a serious matter if the coalfields’ towns are cut off by both road and rail, which seems imminent at present.

Maitland Weekly Mercury, Saturday 17 May 1913, page 7. Mercury then an afternoon paper.

Peter Bogan, East Maitland


Kmart Australia and our charity partners, The Salvation Army and Mission Australia, are overwhelmed by the amazing generosity of Australians who contributed to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal in 2016.

Our Appeal, closed for the 29th year and has again provided much needed Christmas cheer with 342,997 gifts distributed to people in need across the country.

New South Wales and The ACT accounted for 104,653 of the overall gift tally.

We know how much it means to those who hit hard times, to know that people out there care and are willing to support in any way that they can during Christmas.

On top of the gifts given, shoppers also showed their generosity online and at Kmart registers donating more than $135,000 in cash contributions, which will continue until the end of January.

We also loved seeing the amazing support from the community, young and old, on social media and can’t thank everyone enough for sharing their posts and encourage others to also give.

On behalf of the entire Kmart team and our friends at The Salvation Army and Mission Australia, I would like to thank each and every person and business who donated to the Appeal and particularly the incredibly generosity of the people of New South Wales and Australia’s Capital Territory.  

Ian Bailey, Kmart Managing Director


Put a bounty on all fish, say 50 cents or $1 a fish.  Soon clean them out and give the kids something to do that doesn't involve electronics.

Troy Atkin 

I mentioned this earlier in a previous post about the situation. 

Someone brought up the fact people would scam the system – catch the little ones and let the bigger ones go to breed.

This could ensure an ongoing income and the problem would still be there.

Ben Sherwood 

I remember when I was a kid they had big carp fishing comps and they caught thousands of them. Maybe it's a safer option to go down this route?

Blake Leedham 

Do they still do the carp festival at Telarah Lagoon?

Heather Hodges 

The carp festival shows that catching them doesn't work. They're still there!

​Tony de Marchi

I live just north of Dungog and we currently have thousands of young carp in the Williams River.

Michael Micky D Dowling