I must say – what a great idea from Councillor Meskauskas. Someone has to be held accountable. It would be impossible to keep an eye on every shopper or even passer-by who decided to take a shopping trolley for a spin and then drop it wherever. Shop owners must take responsibility in order to minimise the chances of trolleys leaving the bay.

Salvatore Cocco, Rutherford

Why should the shop be responsible for people taking trolleys? It's already hard enough to get a trolley at my local supermarket without council confiscating them. No business will pay $1000 for a trolley to be returned. It will probably be damaged with wayward wheels by the time the joy riders have dumped it.

Fiona Cunningham

More responsibility needs to be placed on people who wander off with them. If you use them to take groceries home, please take the time to return them.

Viv Wright

Agree, something needs to be done, but it's not entirely the retailers’ fault. How hard is it for someone to return a trolley to a trolley bay? It's just laziness. The same goes for people who leave trolleys in parking spaces at shopping centres.

Trolley Nazi


In 2015, I received a debt I didn't owe for $780. After hours spent trying to dispute this following Centrelink's own dispute process, I became so anxious and stressed that I ended up using my tax cheque to pay it because I could not get through to anyone and I could not handle the stress and frustration of not being listened to or believed.

I think all up that year my total income was about $20,000.

I got the distinct feeling that the assumption was that everyone who applied for assistance from Centrelink was crooked and/or a liar.

Do they really think we would want to go through the whole degrading process of having to deal with them and be treated like morons if we were not genuinely in need?

This is happening again at the moment. I have applied for a crisis payment as I am in a crisis situation. I have no income, I have recently ended an abusive relationship and I have no means of support.

Meanwhile the rent is due and I may be out on the street soon.

Centrelink are asking me for proof of the relationship ending, by asking my neighbours to sign a form to confirm this. They have asked for my last three employment separation certificates, even though I have not received any income at all since May last year and have not had any assistance from them since the debacle in 2015.

I have contacted my previous employers to request separation certificates but I have not received anything back. Centrelink therefore will not process my claim.

They are saying if I cannot produce these documents, they will not process my claim for a "crisis" payment.

Meanwhile, I have managed to pick up some casual cleaning, where I have borrowed a car to get there, and have so far traveled 300 kilometers. But I will not get paid for another week. The system is broken.


Such a disgrace that people who have done the right thing by declaring income while receiving Centrelink assistance are being targeted. Most honest people don't claim Centrelink and put in a tax return.

Katie Preece 

At least this time Centrelink has left me alone. But Centrelink is a disaster and embarrassment. It cannot be saved anymore. Only a complete make-over can give Australia a functional agency for government payments. I don't see that happening any time soon.

​Rixta Francis