My husband and I found the article in the Maitland Mercury on Friday, February 10 an interesting read.

So Maitland City Council is spending $6 million upgrading its roads.

It makes us green with envy that Maitland Council looks after its ratepayers to such a high standard –  that is, all except Maitland City Council ratepayers in Orient Street, Greta.

We have to put up with a 400-metre dirt cattle track that was suitable 200 years ago for horse and buggy. But since my horse died I cannot drive my buggy down my wonderful road anymore.

For 43 years we have being living here and have had to put up with dust, ditches and washouts. Our street is at times undriveable unless you have a four-wheel drive.

We pay our rates to Maitland and our road is split down the middle with Cessnock Council, which has being doing the maintenance for around 25 years. I believe Cessnock asked Maitland years ago to go halves in sealing this section of road but was refused.

It would be nice with this $6 million for Maitland Council to, for the first time, recognise Orient Street and seal our small section in conjunction with Cessnock Council.

Pauline and Jerzy Lodo, Greta


So now they will learn to play with their mobiles while learning to drive? Smart thinking.

Christene Mckillop-davies 

Two questions. Will this actually make them better drivers? And will they be logging in correct driving hours or just faking them as most now do?

​Cassandra Sohr 

Lauren, hopefully this will go live before November.

Chris Oliver 

Well then Emily Rose - just in time for when you get yours.

​Amanda Playford 

Great idea. About time.

Allison Meredith