Morpeth Fire Station firefighters attended a grass fire at Raworth on Wednesday

A grass fire at Raworth has prompted firefighters to urge residents to report fires. 

A crew from Morpeth Fire Station attended the fire on Wednesday morning and monitored it before it was extinguished.

Central Hunter police also attended. 

The fire was burning grass near Brush Farm Road.

The smoke could be seen from Morpeth, Phoenix Park and East Maitland, which prompted passing motorists to call it in. 

FIRE: The grass fire near Brush Farm Road.

FIRE: The grass fire near Brush Farm Road.

East Maitland Fire Station station officer Chris Holderberg said landholders could not burn off until March 31 unless they secured a permit. 

He urged anyone who wanted to burn off to contact their local fire station.

He reminded residents that nobody was allowed to burn off on total fire burn days. 

“Landholders can burn off with a permit,” he said. 

“As long as it is being done safely and they are doing it between certain times we won’t intervene, if it gets out of control we will step in.

"Anyone wanting a permit to burn off should call their local fire station."