Maitland Pickers premiership forward Keith Pollard back in Maitland for visit

Pickers old boys from the star-studded early 1970s team are invited to catch up with teammate Keith Pollard next week.

Pollard, the English forward, who sent fear through opposition ranks and was part of Maitland’s 1971 and 1973 premierships will be back in Maitland for two weeks and hoping to catch up with old teammates and people involved in the club during his stay.

Great mate and former Pickers hooker Alan McNab said he had organised for a catch-up meeting with Pollard at the Maitland Leagues Club on Saturday, February 25, from 4pm.

“Keith sent fear through the opposition ranks, but we loved him. You needed to duck your head when you ran near him as he was likely to take your head off,” McNab said. “This could be his last trip back so it would be great if everyone involved in the club during that time can get along and catch up with him.”

Pollard was part of initial squad selected for the Maitland Pickers Top 20.