Living with Lyme disease: The Hunter’s story

Help us get Lyme disease recognised in Australia. 

What is Lyme disease?

Lyme is the most common tick-borne disease in the northern hemisphere and is caused by Borrelia bacteria entering the body through a bite from a tick.

The illness can affect many organs and other body systems and has been known to mimic other illnesses such as lupus. The ticks often transport other diseases into their victims, which places more strain on the immune system.

Sufferers can experience uncontrollable convulsions, unrelenting nausea, constant leg tremors and agonising joint pain.

Why is it difficult to get treatment?

The existence of Lyme disease in Australia has been consistently refuted by doctors and in 2014 a ­clinical advisory committee identified a lack of stringency in testing procedures in Australia.

People diagnosed with the condition have had to travel as far as Germany for treatment because in Australia, treatment for Lyme disease is not funded by the Australian Government.

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it takes an incredible toll on the body.

The Hunter’s story

Meet Tahlia Smith

Raworth lyme disease sufferer Tahlia Smith doing well but disappointed by closure of senate inquiry

Tahlia to fight for recognition of Lyme disease

Senate to launch inquiry into Lyme disease as Raworth woman Tahlia Smith undergoes treatment in Germany

Tahlia Smith to thank East Maitland Rotary Club for $60,000

Rotary pitches in with $10,000 machine to help

Tahlia Smith receives two transfusions to replace blood lost in treatment

Dad gives update on Tahlia's treatment for Lyme disease

Treatment setback for Raworth Lyme disease sufferer Tahlia Smith

Tahlia flies to Germany to seek treatment for Lyme disease

Tahlia Smith faces $100,000 bill for Lyme disease treatment

Meet Kazz Tokek

Kazz Tokek wants her life back after Lyme disease battle

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Lyme Disease survivor facing a new struggle

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Meet Jade Morgan

Jade Morgan from Salt Ash returns to Malaysia for hypothermia treatment of lyme disease

Salt Ash Lyme disease sufferer Jade Morgan

St Patrick's Day fundraiser for Lyme disease patient Jade Morgan

Meet Ryan Stig

Former Knights player and Lyme disease sufferer Ryan Stig calls for government and doctors to start treatment trials

Stig taking the fight to obscure Lyme disease