Police warning issued after reports of new phone scam across NSW

Police are urging people to be careful not to be stung by a phone scam that has been reported across the state.

Fraud and Cybercrime Squad police released a statement on the weekend after reports of people receiving unsolicited calls by a scammer who asks them to download software that shows the victim has allegedly been hacked.

The caller then asks the victim to send money overseas to help police arrest the hacker.

Police are urging anyone who has fallen victim to this scam to immediately call police.

Fraud and Cybercrime Squad commander Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis said members of the public should be wary of any contact over the phone.

“These scammers will continue to come up with innovative ways to scam innocent victims, however, our messages continue to remain – if in doubt, report it to police,” he said.

“If you have a feeling you have been scammed, inform police and the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network and Scamwatch.

“Stay Smart Online has information on recognising scams and hoaxes.”