Maitland City Council supports Woodberry Swamp study

A comprehensive study focusing on the hydrologic issues at Woodberry Swamp has resulted in recommendations for managing water movement and water quality across the wetland.

Maitland City Council representatives form part of a steering group for the Woodberry Swamp Hydrological Study.

The results of the study were revealed at a recent council meeting with councillors voting to continue to work with Hunter Local Land Services and the Department of Primary Industries in developing management plans for Woodberry Swamp.

Woodberry Swamp is a low-lying floodplain and wetland area located on the western side of the Hunter River Estuary between Maitland and Hexham. It includes areas of permanent open water, wetlands and pastures. 

A council report said that while the study does not prescribe a particular course of action, it is a pathway forward for developing viable and effective management plans for Woodberry Swamp.

The study recommends regular connection of Greenways Creek with the Hunter River to promote flushing which will provide benefits to water quality. It also recommends clearing of some vegetation to improve day to day drainage of the floodplain.

“The issues of Woodberry Swamp cannot be resolved by council as the approvals and funding to clean channels must come from State government departments,” a report to the council meeting said.

Involved agencies and organisations are now considering a range of options that could be implemented across the Woodberry Swamp floodplain, particularly actions that would improve environmental and land management outcomes.