McKeachies rat run causes alarm among residents who fear for their safety

A woman who almost had a head on collision on McKeachies Drive, Aberglasslyn with her three-year-old daughter in the car, has prompted a tirade of comments from other residents who fear for their safety on the dangerous stretch.

Carol Oliver captured the incident on dashcam last Thursday and was quick to post a warning on the Aberglasslyn, Rutherford Telarah Neighbourhood Awareness Facebook page.

Ms Oliver is one of scores of residents who live on McKeachies Drive and adjoining Denton Park Drive who fear for their safety.

Some residents won’t let their children play in their front yard for fear a car will mount the footpath. Others said they have to leave home before 8.30am for a school run to avoid negligent drivers and the growing sea of traffic from motorists dodging peak hour on the New England Highway.

DANGER: Footage from Carol Oliver's dashcam last Thursday.

DANGER: Footage from Carol Oliver's dashcam last Thursday.

Ms Oliver said the driver who almost hit her last Thursday was travelling so fast their car crossed onto the incorrect side of the road, narrowly missing her. “They speed up here and I don’t know how many people I have seen driving holding there mobiles,” she said. “Someone is going to get seriously injured or killed along McKeachies Drive.”

Kat Lewis, who spoke of her concerns in October last year said she will not let her children play in the front yard. “This is a 50k zone and it seems to be a race to see who can hit 80k’s first,” she said.

“My kids want to ride their bikes to their school which is just around the corner but there’s now way I’ll let them. I have to leave before 8.30am to get them to school to avoid the traffic.

“The flow of traffic coming through Aberglasslyn has grown and I think it’s a lot of drivers trying to avoid the busy highway at that time of day. It’s the same when school finishes, then again at five in the afternoon.”

Raymond Tuckwell, who started the neighbourhood Facebook page, said McKeachies Drive and Denton Park Drive were notorious “speedways”. “You have to back out of driveways as quick as you can. One minute your clear, next there’s a car nearly upon you.” 


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