UFO photographed by Hunter boy

 A local seven-year-old boy has snapped a photograph of an unidentified flying object. The suspicious object was spotted flying over Tarro on Friday evening.

Halo Galli is fascinated with the Roswell UFO incident, where a spaceship was said to have crashed in America in 1947. He is convinced his photograph is proof of an alien spaceship closer to home.

“He was in the yard with his dad and four-year-old sister when he asked his dad for his iPhone,” mother Tanya Beasley said. 

“All evening he pestered me to look at his sighting and when he showed me the one and only photo he took of his spaceship, low and behold he actually had captured something.”

Halo insisted the photograph be sent in to the newspaper

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What you said

Dee Bradley - “They are around over Ashtonfield.. I’ve seen two on separate occasions... and first one moved up and down slowly and went diagonally.”

Daniel Faulkner – “My kids and wife were letting off Chinese lanterns at Thornton and do so a bit. The wind was sending them extremely high and towards Raymond Terrace. It's quite possible being sighted in Tarro until it burnt out and disappeared. It is probably a logical explanation.”

Jess Mills – “The International Space Station flew over on Friday afternoon (I watched it myself) perhaps it was that?”

Rebecca Evans – “I saw something very similar on Saturday morning while on Industrial Drive. However, it looked more like a slow moving comet.”

Craig Lindeman –  “It's superman getting sick of being mistaken for birds and planes. He's a man with feelings and wants recognition!”

Hunter mysteries

The Black Panther

Is the black panther a marsupial cat?

Is the black panther a marsupial cat?

Black panther sightings in NSW have been happening for decades.

More than 500 accounts had been logged across NSW in more recent times in areas including the western fringes from the Hunter to Sydney.

American soldiers were said to have brought panthers and pumas to Australia as mascots in World War II. Also, American goldminers brought big cats to NSW in the 1850s. And big cats were reportedly available on the black market years ago for $5000. Read on.

Yowie sightings

Bigfoot: Rex Gilroy found a suspected yowie footprint at Barrington Tops.

Bigfoot: Rex Gilroy found a suspected yowie footprint at Barrington Tops.

Rex Gilroy and his wife Heather do research on yowies, which were said to be bigfoot-type creatures that lived in the Australian wilderness.

Their story begins when Heather catches a glimpse of “a dark shape moving about in the roadside shrubbery just ahead of the car”.

“I had that eerie feeling that I was being observed by unseen eyes in the dense forest growth,” Rex wrote.

“Later I discovered hominin feet impressions, indistinct and embedded in grass amid the shrubbery on the slope above the road where Heather had seen the mysterious dark shape. I had no doubt that she had spotted a yowie.” Read on.


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