Charlotte Wintle spent a week at the Maitland Mercury

PROGRESS: Dungog High School student Charlotte Wintle in the Mercury office. Picture: Sage Swinton
PROGRESS: Dungog High School student Charlotte Wintle in the Mercury office. Picture: Sage Swinton

 My name is Charlotte Wintle.

I am a year 10 student from Dungog High School.

Journalism has been a dream of mine for a while now, and getting a taste of it through The Maitland Mercury for the past week has furthered this aspiration.

Listening in on morning news conference on my first day was when I felt reassured that this could be my future career.

Throughout the week I met, and was surrounded by people who have achieved the goals I aspire to in life.

Just writing a short brief for the Dungog Chronicle with Michelle Mexon on my first day felt like a big enough privilege for me, so when I was asked to write more than one article, I was ecstatic.

On my second day I headed out to the opening of Abermain’s fire station with photographer Jonathan Carroll to video the event. The new station replaced the existing facility which had served the community for almost 60 years.  

Emergency services minister Troy Grant came to Abermain for the opening along with other distinguished guests.This was an eye opening experience as I was given an insight into what photographers in the industry do.

Once I headed back to the Mercury I edited my video and it was later published online.

I was also asked to write an article about a Quoll spotting in the Gresford area throughout the week.

A reader, who had sent in a video of a Quoll they saw, instigated the story and I had to do my research and call and email contacts to get information for the story. I enjoyed the experience.

I worked with different journalists to write sports stories throughout the week, even an article about my sisters boxing accomplishments, for which I got to take her photo and interview both her and her trainer.

Other sport stories I wrote were about Gridiron in the Hunter and even an article about three boys from my school who enjoyed their weeks of work experience at the SCG and with NRL development teams.

I am extremely grateful to everyone at the Mercury that helped me throughout the week, making me feel comfortable and encouraging me to keep writing in the future.