I agree with Philip Penfold in calling for a review of central Maitland parking. It should have been done years ago.

What I don't agree with is a multi-storey car park that people will not use because there would have to be a charge.

There is a decked car park within a one minute walk of The Levee with heaps of empty car parks at no cost.

So why would you think people would pay to park?

The land in Elgin Street was purchased by council in the early 1980s for future commercial development at a cost of $550,000 dollars.

This was a lot of money in the 1980s.

It was turned into a temporary car park of 99 car park spaces.

This site lends itself to development as commercial at ground floor level with residental apartments of 4 or 5 levels.

It is flood free land and the site would accommodate two or three levels of underground car parking.

Unfortunately, council has not seen fit to market this land at state and national level.

Ray Fairweather

What about disability parking? There should be a lot more.

Raymond Walter Tuckwell 

Why worry? In a few years unfortunately everyone will be going to the new Green Hills shopping centre.

The only thing you will need in Maitland will be Kmart and a few other facilities so put the money towards something like upgrading roads.

Kathy Jay 

​Absolutely. This needs to be done. 

I love shopping in Maitland. I have never been a fan of Green Hills. Green Hills still feels a bit far for some shopping trips and I’m not a big fan of the monster sterile busy shopping centres.

But I’m also over doing laps trying to get a park around Maitland.

Kmart/Best and Less underground car park is always packed to the max too.

Hayley Riboldi

How are they going to do this?

 They have already made Maitland a nightmare to drive through.

There shouldn't be any parking in High Street between Church Street and Elgin Street.

It just holds everyone up.

If the council needs to make money the ranger should get out and book all the drivers that park in bus zones. At my calculations they could make at least $6000 a day.

​Paul Kennedy

There are a heap of one-way side streets that are wide enough and could easily be converted to drive-in angled parking.

This would mean you don't have to initially reverse to park, which would keep traffic flowing on the other side of the road.

It would be particularly good on Church, Elgin, Bulwer and Bourke streets.

This is also how The Levee should have been designed. It will achieve the same outcome for a fraction of the cost.

​Matthew Schelle 

This is old news; it’s not rocket science that more parking is needed.

This has been discussed since I worked in the Hunter Mall in the late 80s!

Kathryn King 

A JB HIFI in the old Franklins would be awesome, plus a Timezone in one of the old shops.

It's a shame that businesses can't seem to fill those buildings.

Craig Pratt

Can't the Sams Warehouse building be knocked down and made a carpark?

Is that what they are thinking? Be a great idea with how Maitland is growing.

​Bec Saville