Search for a playmate for baby wombat Binda

WANTED: Someone young at heart to enjoy good times with Binda. Male or female, discretion assured. Must have a sense of fun and mischief, plenty of energy and enjoy life on the wild side. No boring adults need apply.

Oh, and if you’re a wombat, that would be viewed favourably too.

That’s the message Roz and Kevin Holme of Cedar Creek Wombat Rescue want to send out as they search for a playing buddy for little Binda, the baby wombat that was delivered to them by a member of the public a couple of weeks back.

“Binda was very tiny and emaciated when she came here,” Roz explained. “Her mother had been killed by a car but fortunately someone found her in time.

“We had real fears about whether she would survive, in fact. It was touch and go there for a while, but she seems to be on the mend now.

“Her weight has gone from 400 grams up to 980, so we’re pretty confident she will be right.”

The next job now is a playmate.

“Look at those two,” Roz says, pointing to a couple of juveniles running around our feet as she talks.

“See how happy they are when they have someone to grow up with.”

Their names are Socksie and Piglet, a couple of young boys clearly having the time of the time of their lives.

“They’re showing off for you,” Roz says as Socksie and Piglet charge towards us and gently nudge their head against our legs. 

Roz is hoping that a member of the public might come across a young wombat who has lost her mum, or that there might be someone out there who is trying to rehabilitate a young one who will be prepared to hand it over.

“Look how cute she is,” she says of Binda. “And that’s the problem. People love them when they’re young but they aren’t easy to look after.

“It’s really important that they are fed properly and get a natural diet.

“And believe me, they can be a handful when they grow up. They’re not easy to look after.”

Roz and Kevin says road accidents are the biggest cause of wombats being delivered to them, although mange is a major problem too.

“And then there are those people who come out here with guns or even bow, and arrows to hunt the animals,” Kevin said.

“It makes me sick, it really does.”  

Roz Holme with Binda.

Roz Holme with Binda.