The speed limit on Maitland Road at Sandgate has changed

Drivers have been urged to look out for the new 60 km/h speed zone on Maitland Road at Sandgate to avoid a fine.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Services has lowered the speed limit before and after Ironbark Creek Bridge, near the speed cameras, while maintenance work is completed.

A spokesman said all of the signs had been changed to 60km/h after motorists said the signage was confusing. 

“After being notified about confusing speed limit signage, Roads and Maritime has ensured all temporary speed limits through the work zone are 60 km/h,” he said. 

”Where a road work speed limit sign is displayed, the speed limit is enforceable and must be obeyed.

“When approaching roadworks pay attention to all signs and obey reduced speed signs.”

The RMS has lowered the speed limit to ensure the safety of workers and motorists during the work.