Ken Wethered: why I want to be mayor.

To be asked ‘why run for mayor’ is a good question because it makes you truly search yourself for an honest answer, anything other than that is hypocrisy.

Truth be known I have wanted to lead this great city since the early 90’s during the days when councillors voted in the Mayor. My first attempt at that time failed.

I experienced the “Share The Mayor Deal”. It was more like a baptism of fire. I learnt in those days it is not about yourself or what you want. To effectively run a good council you need a collective group of individuals who genuinely want to make decisions for the good of the community as a whole in a team environment.

Over the years I have learnt that lesson and together with my experience and management skills, based on team leadership, I witnessed and became part of exactly that under incumbent Mayor Peter Blackmore. He is an experienced statesman who has successfully held a group of people from various persuasions together, making excellent decisions for the city. I cannot see why that can’t continue.

Putting your hand up is not just about yourself and what you want, it involves your whole life, your commitment to your family, your neighbourhood and the community. I have not taken this lightly and have been discussing this with my wife and family for some time. I took my time in deciding to run.

My vision for Maitland is for council to continue on a stable course, making sound and cost effective decisions collectively in the best interests of the community so our children will have a great place to grow up in, just as their parents have. To achieve this means that as we move forward we take what we have been doing well and make it better. 

We need to communicate better with residents. We need to do this in a way that shows our community we are open and transparent, so better relationships are forged. We should be helping parents and children care more about our community by being the council that sets examples in caring. Be a town that is proud to present itself to tourists, be a place where residents feel safe in their homes and in their streets.

This can be achieved if we work together for the good and betterment of our great city. I am proud to stand for the position of mayor. Maitland is the best place to live. I have lived here all my life and I love it.

Deputy Mayor Cr Ken Wethered.