Maitland Mercury web words: What you had to say online about our stories and our town

 A brave young lady, an angel in heaven.

Gail Hennessy

So very sad and so unfair.

Jackie Lyons

What a beautiful send off.

Mandi Milgate

No matter the sport ALL officials deserve the respect of both players and spectators as most of these people give their time freely to allow others to enjoy their favorite sports and past times. Harass, threaten or hit them you should feel the full force of the law or we will have no one prepared to give their time to allow OUR CHILDREN to play the sport that they enjoy.

Chris Hutchinson

As a local I absolutely hate driving through Morpeth Wednesday- Sunday. You have idiots giving way coming OFF the bridge, you have idiots NOT giving way coming onto the bridge, then there are the visitors who seem to think they can walk straight out in front of your car and you'll just stop for them on a dime. Bring back when there were only 11 cars and no more.

Stacey Jenkins

I remember Sundays as a child . Could have sat at intersection of bridge and no cars would have passed!

Jane Lawler

Trevor has achieved so much in Morpeth. While the town needs progress, it requires the right progress at the right speed. This is not Honeysuckle.

Sharon Bull

Congratulations Noah! And well done Mel and Paul for supporting Noah in doing something he loves!! Lovely to read this.

Julie Caddy