100 Years of Nanna Blog for 100-year-old Doreen Richardson

Doreen Richardson
Doreen Richardson

To help celebrate her grandmother’s birthday, Bernadette Flannery compiled a blog: 100 years of nanna over 100 days. We were so impressed, we decided to bring one to you in its entirety – day 99. 

100 years is a lot to fit into 100 days.

There are a lot of stories that haven’t been told. The aim was to share some stories and to give an insight into the amazing person, Doreen May Richardson.

We are so fortunate to have this lady we know as Doreen, Mum, ‘the mother-in-law’, Nanna, Nana, Aunty Doreen or Mrs Richardson, in our lives. Nanna is inspiring, full of love, hope and faith, despite the things life has thrown at her.

We attempted to do a video interview with her for this post but she had trouble defining such things as toughest times, happiest times, happiest times and significant changes. The experiences of her life have made her the person she is today and she appreciates everything and all those who have been a part of her life. She did however say that meeting Joe and getting married brought her much happiness. She is grateful for, and proud of, her family.

Nanna lives in the present. She recalls fun times and funny stories from when we were little but does not dwell on the tough or sad times that remain close to her heart. She has a wonderful sense of humour and gets much enjoyment out of people – particularly those dearest to her.

Nanna’s depth of faith is inspiring. It is something she is most grateful for in her life and has given her such strength and resilience. She prays morning and night for each member of the family. When asked if she had any words of wisdom to share with us for this story, she said to ‘live with your faith’.

Our crocheted rugs are more than just balls of wool woven into beautiful patterns. They are a symbol of love, hope and faith given to us from Nanna. A little bit of Da is in each of the rugs too. When he was alive he encouraged, suggested and praised her work. We know that during the hours she spent making our rugs she was thinking of us. Our rugs send the message that each one of us are loved and valued.

Nanna’s strength of character continues to influence our lives. She is central to our family and has continued to encourage a strong family bond. This in turn reflects in our lives as a whole. She loves us all unconditionally. To visit her, or speak to her on the phone, just makes you feel so good. She lights up our lives.