Slow Food Earth Markets Maitland is on October 5 in The Levee

It’s that time of the month again – market day!

And if you’re feeling hungry, and want to keep eating fresh local food, The Levee is the place to be from 2pm.

Drop in for some sci-fi, or a tasty mathematics equation, and take a look at the spring produce menu.

There’s a broccoli that boasts a fibonacci spiral, purple cauliflower (for a colourful take on an old classic), different varieties of the superfood kale, and so much more.

The city’s beetroot crop will be out in force again. Every other vegetable is crying out for water, but this red goodness just can’t beet the heat.

Stop by Kelly Eaton’s Little Hill Farm and you’ll notice the beetroot is sold with the stems attached. 

Don’t be fooled by the stem, she says it’s offers a tasty meal.

“I like to sell ours with the tops on because a lot of people aren’t aware that you can use them,” she said.

“It’s good for you, it tastes like spinach.”

So how do you cook beetroot stems?

“You can cook them with the tops on and add some garlic ... you can even make a beet top pie,” Ms Eaton said. 

“I really like to use the bottom of the beetroot fresh and grate it up into a salad – even though it can be messy, I just wear gloves.

“I also like it roasted; I like to use coconut oil as it gives it a nice flavour and then add salt and pepper and put it in a hot oven of about 200 degrees.”

What can I buy there?

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