Audrey the French Bulldog has gone missing and needs medical attention

The Dixon family has appealed for information to help find their beloved dog Audrey after she went missing from an Ashtonfield backyard last month. 

The three-year-old French Bulldog, who has a medical condition and requires veterinary treatment, disappeared from Ashmore Close on November 27. 

She was seen at a house two blocks away on November 29 and hasn’t been noticed since. She has a fawn and black coat, is desexed, and wears an aqua and green collar.  

The family has offered a reward for information that leads to her return.

She isn’t worth anything to anyone who thinks they will breed with her; she had two litters of puppies in the past and she looks like she can bear babies but she can’t because she has been desexed since then,

Mrs Dixon said.

“She is very very timid and she is very cautious around strangers. We miss her so much and we just want her to come home.”

Audrey was staying with Mrs Dixon’s mother when she went missing. 

A group of kids were seen hanging around the driveway the day Audrey disappeared. 

“She’s either in someone’s yard, someone from elsewhere has taken her or something awful has happened to her,” Mrs Dixon said.

“We aren’t going to stop looking until we find her.”

Ms Dixon said the entire family adored Audrey and felt her presence in their lives was meant to be.

“She shares her birthday with my daughter and we got her on my father’s birthday. He has passed away and he always wanted a French Bulldog,” Ms Dixon said.

“I feel for her, she is such a gorgeous girl and is so important to us for so many reasons. We are all missing her.”

Ms Dixon said her family and friends had been unwavering in their quest to find her and many Ashtonfield residents had joined the search. 

“She has been to my mum’s so many times before but she has never been walked in that area, or knows the street,” she said. 

MISSING: Audrey relaxing at home before she went missing.

MISSING: Audrey relaxing at home before she went missing.

“We have spread the word far and wide and there are a lot of people - including strangers – who have been looking for her.

“We have letterbox dropped from South Seas Drive right to the bush along Magnetic Drive. We have put up posters and we have door knocked and flooded Facebook. 

“We’ve been going to the RSPCA every couple of days and we’ve let all the vets know.

“We’ve all scoured the bush and other people have been walking in there and calling her as well.”


If you have seen Audrey, or know where she is, phone Kathy on 0404 470 926.