Aberglasslyn resident concerned with drones flying over Maitland homes

COMMON: Drones have grown in popularity recently.
COMMON: Drones have grown in popularity recently.

TO some, they are a fun and novel toy. To others, they have the potential to invade privacy in a big way.

Aberglasslyn’s Bob Payne first became acquainted with drones when they started flying over his house late last year – and he’s not impressed.

He said the remote controlled flying machines would appear when a big event happened, like a storm or swamp fire.

“[They were] hovering over the houses and over the pond where the fire was,” Mr Payne said.

What he is concerned about most is that they are flying in places they shouldn’t be.

“I just hate them flying over my house,” he said. “I’ve got high fences as it is.

“What happens in your own back yard is your own business. They could be criminals checking out your place. Maybe there are people taking pictures.”

What happens in your own back yard is your own business. They could be criminals checking out your place

Bob Payne

Mr Payne said he had seen about four or five fly over his house since Christmas.

“This is happening quite a fair bit now and it’s a bit annoying considering a bit of privacy is what most people prefer,” he said.

“I don’t want people to stop using them, because it’s a toy and it’s a new thing.

“But, over residential houses – that affects people’s private lives.

“There are places for them. It’s okay if they want to go down to the park and play with it.

“Think of all the young families and all the young kids.

“They might be playing out in the backyard in swimmers.

“This is something I’m concerned about – invading our privacy and then it goes on social networks.”

Drone safety regulation breaches can attract fines of up to $10,000. 


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