Sydney Thunder bus rolls into Bolwarra for fun day

The Sydney Thunder bus rolled into Bolwarra on Sunday and there were plenty of youngsters on hand to catch up with the fun.

The visit was won by the Hill family from Bolwarra at a Thunder game and there was no hesitation to share the fantastic prize.

Cricket is a family passion and eldest daughter Maddy was part of last year Bolwarra Public girls team which finished runner up in the state primary school girls’s competition.

“We wanted to make sure all the girls who were part of that team could take part. A lot had moved on to high school so we contacted Northern Suburbs and they organised for this day at Bolwarra Oval so kids from across the area could take part,” Lana Hill, who entered the Thunder competition, said.

“The Thunder have been terrific in  everything they have done and Sunny Johnson the assistant team manager was a hit with the kids.

“Will Callinan from Norths did a lot of the organising for us and the council allowed us free use of the ground.”