Maitland Mattress Muster to be held on April 28

The hugely popular Mattress Muster will return to Maitland later this month, giving people an opportunity to drop off their old mattresses free of charge. 

Maitland council will hold the muster on Saturday, April 28 from 8.30am to 12pm at the Council Depot Carpark on Metford Road, East Maitland.

The Mattress Muster recycling initiative has been a huge success in Maitland and as a result of nine musters since October 2014, council has received over 5,000 mattresses.

There have also been more than 1,200 vehicles bring in mattresses since November 2016.

Each household in the Maitland local government area has the opportunity to recycle up to four mattresses as part of the muster on the weekend.

Cot mattresses, innerspring mattresses and ensemble bases will be accepted, however a mattress with an ensemble base will be counted as two items.

Council’s manager of development and environment David Simm said the muster meant mattresses could be recycled instead of going to landfill. 

“This is an opportunity for residents to do their bit for the environment by simply recycling something they might not use anymore, all free of charge,” said Mr Simm.

To participate in this recycling initiative, proof of residence in the Maitland local government area will be required at the time of drop off.