Rutherford Voice contestant Ashley McTackett upstaged by her mum on national TV show

Ashley McTackett may have failed in her attempt to be this year’s winner of The Voice, but she still made international headlines along with her number one fan, her mother.

Ashley’s appearance on this week’s blind auditions may not have turned any chairs but had her mother Meleesa taken to the stage with her special genre, the judges’ result would definitely have been unanimous.

In a jaw dropping moment, Mrs McTackett of Rutherford screamed at the judges from backstage to “press a button and let my daughter through.”

“What no one understands is, that was mum on level three,” Ashley laughed. “You should hear her on level 10.”

Despite making news for all the wrong reasons, Ashley is philosophical about her performance and vows to return to The Voice a little wiser and better prepared next year.

“I must confess I have never watched an episode of the show and maybe if I had I would have performed a big ballad rather than something too country,” she said.

Ashley, 28, a single mother of one, performed the hit from country great Gretchen Wilson, “Redneck Woman”.

She decided to audition for the program to pursue her life long dream of being a performer.

“Mum spent a fortune on singing and dancing lessons for me and I come from a long line of performers, none who really got a break,” Ashley said. Ashley is still dreaming of making the big time and will continue to pursue her dream.

So did her mum embarrass her during her critique from judges Boy George, Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem and Joe Jonas? As the song goes – hell yeah!

“This was a big opportunity for me, something I have never experienced before. I’d spent so much time behind the scenes auditioning and being interviewed by producers in the lead up to the blind auditions. We thought that it would lead to a positive outcome. When it didn’t it was very disappointing for mum. She is very passionate,” Ashley said.

Kelly Rowland spoke to Ashley after her performance. “That was so lovely of her. She gave me some great advice and liked my voice but the song choice just didn’t feel authentic. I had such a great time and I could see how close Boy George was to pushing the button which makes me want to go back next year,” she said.