Ink and drink: the tattoo parlour shake-up happening in Maitland

Fancy a flat white with your full sleeve? 

Maybe a cappuccino with your calf piece? 

That’s the unique business idea setting up shop in main street Maitland. 

Owners Judy and George White, Dave Bean and Bree Hawkes are the quartet behind The Cabin Collective, the tattoo and coffee salon set to redefine the inking and drinking industry. 

Maitland City Council have given the novel initiative the thumbs up, with the business opening up their doors for coffee service on Saturday.

According to the four owners, a desire to bring a completely new tattooing experience is behind their leap of faith. 

“Changing people’s perceptions is a big part of it. We want this to be a welcoming space where you can get a coffee, or a tattoo, or both if you want,” the appropriately-named Dave Bean said. 

“You’ll get a lot of people who won’t come in to a hole-in-the-wall, dingy tattoo shop,” Bree added. 

“With this building being so visible, we want it to be a place where people are comfortable walking in off the street.

“Coffee culture is big, tattoo culture is big, so why not put them together?” 

They’re hopeful of having a tattoo licence for the High Street premises granted within a month. 

The initial plan is to start with three tattooists, with the goal of putting on an apprentice once they’re up and running. 

While eye-catching ink will be a huge part of their business, the quartet also have big plans for their cafe that shares the studio. 

Already serving coffee and milkshakes, their menu will soon feature more unique beverages, such as pine needle tea.

Even their coffee itself is a distinctive drop, with the beans “primitive roasted” over an open fire on premises. 

As if coffee and tattoos weren’t enough to set the business apart, the quartet also have tentative plans to hold live acoustic music performances monthly at the venue. 

“We’ve got plenty of space in here to use. The sky’s the limit with it,” Dave said.