Opening up new horizons

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Clients like David have benefitted from the services offered by New Horizons to be able to live independent lives.
A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Clients like David have benefitted from the services offered by New Horizons to be able to live independent lives.


For various reasons some people struggle to find, secure and maintain a successful tenancy.

But support is available, whether you need support to live independently, or are looking for supported or shared accommodation.

Salamander Bay resident David, knows first-hand the importance of living independently and having a safe, secure place to call home.

Until recently David had spent five years as a resident in Supported Accommodation.

He really wanted to be independent enough to move out and live in his own home.

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But for some people with mental or physical disability, this can be a challenge.

“My goal was to move out into my own unit and live on my own. My other goal was to continue to have good mental health,” David said.

Like many people, David required support to reach his goal of independent living.

He has been supported for several years by New Horizons, who offer a diverse range of services and supports in the Maitland area for people looking to enhance their wellbeing. They worked with David to build his daily-living skills and take part in the community. And earlier this year he felt ready to move out of his shared accommodation and find a home of his own.

With New Horizons support he viewed properties and filled in the applications for the Department of Housing.

David was ultimately offered two units and was able to make an informed decision about which one best suited his needs, choosing a unit in Salamander Bay.

“New Horizons has helped me by supporting me through the application to apply for a unit, and they supported me with my move to Salamander Bay by finding a removalist,” David said. 

“They helped me with budgeting for the items I would need for my house, as well as getting quotes and planning the move. Helping me stay on budget and get value for my money."

Now he’s in his new home David continues to receive the support he needs to maintain his independence. This includes daily living skills like cooking and maintaining his home and connecting him with a new GP and chemist to ensure he has the right support to ensure his ongoing mental health.

“New Horizons have helped me to achieve my goals by teaching me living skills and budgeting skills. They have also helped me with meal plans and healthy food choices and my weekly shopping.”

David is looking forward to getting to know the area better, and enjoying his new home.

“I would like this to be my forever home,” David said. “New Horizons will support me in achieving this goal by helping me maintain a clean unit and run a house, like paying bills and weekly shopping.”