Maitland council approve Luskintyre wedding venue brewery and accommodation despite neighbour's protests

A Luskintyre wedding venue has been given permission to construct new accommodation as well as starting up a microbrewery, but not everybody is feeling the love. 

Councillors on Tuesday voted unanimously to approve a ten bedroom development at Calvin Estate, while also approving the venue switching from a winery to a microbrewery. 

Luskintyre resident Darren Grant, who lives adjacent to the venue, addressed councillors ahead of the council meeting with his concerns about the proposal. 

Mr Grant said he’d been a resident of the adjacent property for 20 years, directly opposite the Calvin Estate site, and had poured his life savings into his home. 

Also in council:

He claimed noise from the wedding venue already kept his household awake and outlined concerns that adding accommodation to the venue would encourage revelers to party later into the night. 

He added that testing of acoustic levels to satisfy the requirements of the development application weren’t done during summer when the doors of the venue were open, which would have allowed music and noise to carry further.

Mr Grant also said he was bothered by a lack of information regarding the change from a winery to a microbrewery and how that would impact its day-to-day running. 

However, councillors in reply said that issues with neighbours alone weren't a basis to knock back a development application. 

“Any sort of development is always going to have issues with neighbours,” Cr Robert Aitchison said. 

“At this point in time i can see no problems with the development before us."

It was a viewpoint shared by his fellow councillors, with the application unanimously approved. 

The conditions set out by council include that the microbrewery will have a maximum capacity of 8,000 litres per year and will operate according to demand of the wedding function business. Beer produced on site will solely be for the consumption of wedding revelers.