Stockland Green Hills welcomes Sarcosuchus Imperator, known as SuperCroc

It’s official name was Sarcosuchus Imperator but it’s better known as SuperCroc - and it’s in town from Friday.

Stockland Green Hills will transform into a prehistoric swampland this week as the centre welcomes a life-sized model of the mighty beast.

The ultra-realistic model was built in collaboration with a team of palaeontologists and scientists for the National Geographic documentary, SuperCroc.

The Sarcosuchus Imperator was one of the all-time largest crocodilians to ever roam the earth, ranging between 11-12 metres in length and weighing approximately 8 tonnes – about as heavy as a fully grown male elephant.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Australian Museum to offer customers the chance to get up close and personal with this life-sized model of an enormous prehistoric predator, said Angela Vogt, Stockland Green Hills ‘Centre Manager.

Alive during the early to late Cretaceous period, this fascinating predator ruled over fresh water environments approximately 65.5 million years ago and is a distant ancestor of today’s modern crocodiles, alligators, gharials and caimans.

With its elongated snout, over 130 bone-crushing teeth and a powerful tail, the Sarcosuchus Imperator would ambush and prey on anything that entered the water.

As an added bonus visitors to Stockland Green Hills will also have the chance win a family trip for four to the Northern Territory for a real life crocodile experience. 

The croc will depart Green Hills on August 29 to continue its tour.