Man allegedly tries to punch paramedic, misses and hits ambulance vehicle at Thornton

A man has been charged after he allegedly tried to punch a paramedic, missed and instead struck an ambulance.

It comes after NSW Ambulance paramedics were called to Thornton on Sunday night to reports of an intoxicated man attempting to run in and out of traffic, police said.

Ambulance officers arrived to find a 64-year-old man at the corner of Edwards Avenue and Somerset Drive.

Police said that when the paramedics approached the man and tried to speak with him, he became aggressive.

It is alleged the man then tried to punch a paramedic, but missed and hit the side of an ambulance with his fist.

Paramedics called police, reporting that the man remained aggressive.

Police attended and managed to restrain the man.

He was admitted to Maitland Hospital, where he reportedly remained hostile towards staff.

He was given a mental health assessment and deemed not to be mentally ill.

He was given a court attendance notice on the charge of assault.