Jim Thomson | Busy time for birds as nesting begins

It appears that a number of our birds are now in the process of building nests.

This is no surprise as the extreme dry conditions are even bringing birds usually found inland to our in coastal regions.

Our usual early starters such as Pardalotes, Robins and Thornbills, are all collecting building material for their nests.

This situation is to be expected – as once the heat builds up in conjunction with the dry conditions and a lack of insects, the birds will stop nesting.

Over the last few weeks I have been searching along our coast – where vegetation is good at the moment – and we have plenty bird life starting to nest.

One of the birds I like photographing is the Diamond Pardalote, a magnificent little bird which burrows a hole into the bank and then lines the inside chamber with soft material. This can go on for some time.

I was watching  a pair collecting the bark off a tree which went on for some time, giving me plenty of time to get the images.

I managed some good shot before they headed off into the bush to their nesting hole.

On many occasions this will be a hole in a tree. Finding the nesting site can be difficult but once they are feeding chicks, it is much easier.

They’re so concerned with feeding their chicks that it’s much easier to follow them.

I have included with this article a shot of them flying into a nest from previous years as well as images taken in the last week.

Another bird which is busy is our Yellow Robin.

He too is carrying material deep into the bush and makes a very attractive nest, usually very low down in a bush.

Large groups of Striated Thornbills are also on the go.

They make a small hanging nest with an entrance near the top, and can start nesting as early as July in our region.

Till the next time.