Fundraising campaigns galore for farmers

HELPING FARMERS: Sammy (pictured) and her friend Sally created the I Gave A Half Banj fundraising campaign to boost drought-relief funds.
HELPING FARMERS: Sammy (pictured) and her friend Sally created the I Gave A Half Banj fundraising campaign to boost drought-relief funds.

Fundraisers across the NSW and interstate are underway to help drought-stricken farmers battle unrelenting drought.

And some of the initiatives are in our own backyard.

Samantha, who lives near Stroud, and her friend Sally, from Goulburn, created I Gave A Half Banj. It’s a fundraising campaign that encourages people to donate a half Banj, which is $5, towards drought relief. The idea came from poet Banjo Paterson’s face on the $10 note.

“So many people go and buy a takeaway coffee, why not give that money to farmers,” she said. “The idea is to raise more awareness and get the kids involved.” 

The money is going to Aussie Helpers. Search I Gave A Half Banj on Facebook for more details.

Beaumont Tiles’ fundraising efforts saw seven truck loads of hay delivered to the Upper Hunter on Sunday.

 They stopped at Muswellbrook Golf Club at 11am for a get together and bite to eat with the community before heading out to their delivery locations. 

The Rutherford store has been raising money for the cause and CEO Danny Casey jumped on board and sponsored a semi-trailer load of hay. 

To support the cause visit the Rutherford store or go to to support them.

Pubs and clubs across Maitland, and the country, held Let it Pour fundraising events to help boost drought-relief donations. 

The money will go into Rotary Australia’s Drought Relief Fund.

Brewer Great Northern donated 1000 kegs to venues across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory to kickstart the venture. All proceeds from beers sold from the donated kegs will go to drought relief.

It also donated $250,000 towards the cause, and the entire effort is expected to raise more than $1 million. 

“Venues in Maitland were very quick to sign up to help,” Great Northern general manager Mick McKeown said said.

“It’s the Australian way to help a mate when things are tough and 1000 pubs and clubs across Australia are committing to help our farming mates through a very trying time.”

The venture is also bringing communities together. 

East Maitland Bowling Club and East Leisure and Golf are among the Maitland venues that supported the cause. 

The club’s involvement is on top of a $30,000 donation which was used to buy fuel, hay and water. 

“We were really proud to take part in Let it Pour. We have been getting an enormous reaction from locals keen to support the event,” manager John Scanlon said.