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Prized room: The kitchen is still considered to be the winner when it comes to an aspect of the home that appeals most to potential buyers.
Prized room: The kitchen is still considered to be the winner when it comes to an aspect of the home that appeals most to potential buyers.

When it comes to selling your home, presentation is key. Buyers are generally looking for well maintained spaces, no nasty surprises and a home that is clear of clutter and inviting.

Investing in aspects of your home, particularly if you're looking to yield top dollar, can be well worth while but knowing where to spend is crucial to making the most from your time and money.

Most of the agents we interviewed said they felt that the kitchen was often a priority for buyers as it's usually the part of the home where families gather and share.

"Every home has a special something about it.

"A great open family kitchen is always lovely, as it's the heart of the home. Outdoor entertaining areas are also highly valued," says Michelle Cooper, Director of C21 Affinity Real Estate, East Maitland.

Charlie Lund, Property partner at The Agency agrees,

"We believe the kitchen is the room most likely to sell a home. It's the focal point for everyone and where family come together at the end of the day."

While Natasha McElwaine, Principal of McElwaine Estate Agents sees many vendors spend money on the kitchen, she believes the overall feeling a home evokes is what hooks buyers in.

"Convention says kitchens and bathrooms are what sells a home, but I say it is how intimate the home is. We don't often think about it, but a key function of the roof over our head is to support social relationships and nurture intimacy.

" You don't have to have an Instagram worthy home in order to sell your property. Today there is so much emphasis on the visual look of our home.

"What is more important, however, is how our home feels and how it supports the lifestyle we're aspiring towards." Commented Natasha.

Also often top of the buyer wish list are pools, a good view and more increasingly energy efficient features. Tori Lund explains that a premium listing is expected to have all boxes ticked to achieve the maximum sale price.

"Pools can add value to a home as there are prospective buyers who will only look at property that includes a pool. A property at the top end of the market usually includes a swimming pool based on the fact that when buyers are paying a premium they want the home to include everything they desire."

But Sophie Abela, Director of Valley Agents advises that the addition of a pool may not always yield the result that vendors expect.

"An in-ground pool can cost anywhere between $30,000 to $100,00 with additional maintenance expenses. That's a significant amount of money that homeowners may never recoup when the house is sold so it's worth doing your research before you commit."