Luke Dorn excited about returning home and playing with Maitland Pickers

Super League star Luke Dorn is excited about returning to his hometown and playing with the Maitland Pickers.

In an hour-long interview with BBC Leeds in which he was feted for his record-breaking Super League career, Dorn said he had always wanted to go back and play for Maitland.

“It's a great competition, it's my hometown and I'd like to give a little bit back and play and play well,” he said.

“I thought if I was able to play, unless my body had capitulated and been destroyed to the brink of non-use, other than that I wanted to go back and play. I though it would be a bit of fun.”

During the BBC interview Dorn’s place in Super League history was highlighted with guests including his good mate and Castleford skipper Michael Shenton.

Shenton described Dorn as the best fullback he had played with, saying he had an incredible knowledge of the game.

“He was a special player. He is a real help, a leader in his own right, someone I go to for ideas.

“His understanding of the game is incredble. He is a great fullback, the best fullback I've played with.

“I think he has been integral part of Castleford’s success. He has been part of the development of the game, you see coaches trying to steal ideas we've got, that are a lot to do with Luke Dorn.

“His leadership as well, he is that type of person that everyone opens up to. Everyone feels comfortable around Luke. The younger guys feel so comfortable talking to Luke.”

Dorn said he and wife Lauren had been talking about the future from the end of the 2015 season.

He said he didn’t want to be in a position come June this year when it was still uncertain whether he would get a new contract.

“I certainly wasn't going to leave Castleford, I wasn't even open to entertaining the idea of that.

”We’ve got a young family (Roxy and Marlo) and logistically there's a lot to do.

“We put off the decision a few times, but probably around early in the season we went through it all, the positives and negatives what we had to go through what would staying mean what would leaving mean.

I think it was about the start of the season, we decided this is probably a really good time for us to go.

”So we thought while we are in control of it, let's control it. We decided it was a good fit to retire.

Dorn was also joined on the program by good mate and former juniors teammate Ben Newcomb who rose at 4am to join the intereviw

“I don't think people back home understand the career that Dorn's and the impact on Super League Dorny has had,” he said.

“For Dorny to come home and play at our local club in our local comp is a remarkable coup for us. Luke Dorn is the talk of the town.”