Maitland summer produce market | PHOTOS

Maitland's produce market has again exploded with variety in a bid to meet the city’s fruit and vegetable needs.

The first summer produce market took place in The Levee on Thursday morning and shoppers constantly flowed through the market over the five-hour event.

This time the market featured four new varieties of potato and two garlic growers, which is giving shoppers even more choice. 

It was the biggest display of produce the market has seen since it started in May.

Three new producers have joined the city’s fresh food revolution, and it is expected many more will follow suit.

Slow Food Hunter Valley leader Amorelle Dempster said potatoes were flying off the tables and farmers sold more than 120 kilograms in 60 minutes. 

Peaches and nectarines, which were grown in Medowie, were also very popular.

Phoenix Park farmer John Wright’s beetroot crop also made an appearance for the first time, signalling a return to the city's past.

The Wright family have been farming in Phoenix Park near the Morpeth Bridge since the 1800s.

Ms Dempster praised farmers for having the courage to diversify in a bid to make the city’s agriculture industry sustainable in the future. 

She said the market would continue to expand to meet consumer needs.

"There was such a good range, we had two garlic growers who sold a kilogram of local garlic for $40," Ms Dempster said.

"People are having different things on their plate instead of the standard things and it's lovely people are willing to try new things."