RSPCA Hunter Shelter has 50 dogs for adoption for $100 each

The RSPCA Hunter Shelter is hoping to find new homes for 50 dogs during their sale this weekend.

The Rutherford rescue will be offering all adult dogs for adoption for $100 from November 24-28. 

The shelter is hoping to continue the fantastic adoption rate they have recorded in the past year.

Adoption rates at the Rutherford branch have increased 33 per cent compared to this time last year, allowing 1,560 dogs to find new homes.

RSPCA adoptions rates have increased by eight per cent across the state this year so far.

RSPCA Hunter regional manager Debbie Jaggers said the level of support the shelter has received over the past year has blown them away.

“We are again encouraging the community to open up their hearts and give our beautiful dogs a second chance,” she said.

“We want to do all we can to find each and every one of these wonderful dogs a forever home. 

“We know that sometimes saving a few dollars can encourage people to support an RSPCA animal.”