Maitland Regional Art Gallery an inspirational place

Entering Maitland Regional Art Gallery, you view the monumental sized work of Locust Jones.

The centrepiece of the gallery is two, large-scale paintings that represent the current turmoil within our world entitled; Back to the Dark Ages I & II.

The more you engage with these pieces the more they show.

From a distance, they appear dark, bold, dramatic expressions of the mess the world currently sits in. But on closer inspection, hidden faces, words and symbols are revealed that further express the current situation we are all living in.

The next exhibition is the equally politically-charged work of Jim Anderson. Lampoon – An Historical Art Trajectory 1970-2017 covers many of the artistic skills of Anderson, primarily focusing on the many prints that graced the pages of Oz Magazine and Bolinas Hearsay News.

The theme of news and media coverage throughout history continues with the exhibit held in the hallway in the right wing of the gallery, which houses a homage to the late great Les Darcy.

This year marks the 100th anniversary since the boxer’s premature death in Memphis, Tennessee, and this exhibit gives insight into the man behind the myth.

The last exhibit downstairs is a stunning in-house collection featuring the prints of Lionel Lindsay. This work, due to its intricacies and delicateness, offers a peaceful and meditative space to enjoy the incredible skill of Lindsay, a nice break from the politically fuelled surrounding exhibits. 

Upstairs the breathtaking works of Frank Murri display the coming together of arithmetic and art.

The Prime Ingredient in a big piece of PI (π) is a beautifully carved visual representation of the first 9014 digits of the Pi number. It is a seemingly ever-shifting plane for the eye to journey through ,and almost origami like in its aesthetic.

Crossing the bridge between the old wing of the gallery and the new, you find yourself stood within an exhibit that focuses on the impact of colonisation upon the nations it has touched. Colonial Afterlives is a look into the rippling shockwaves that have travelled through generations and effected the identities of the indigenous groups that the artists belong to.

Sombre and enlightening, this exhibit uses photography, video, painting, sculpture and instalment to portray the hurt done by generations past.

 Viewing the works of the last two exhibits is the most exciting and inspiring moments throughout the current showings at MRAG as it represents the need for future maintenance of art.

WHAT A WELCOME: Back to the Dark Ages I & II by artist Locust Jones which form the centrepiece of the gallery entrance.

WHAT A WELCOME: Back to the Dark Ages I & II by artist Locust Jones which form the centrepiece of the gallery entrance.