Letters to the editor


Roads and Maritime Services has now completed work to improve safety on Cessnock Road at Gillieston Heights.

The NSW Government allocated $4 million last financial year to strengthen and improve the road for the 15,000 motorists who use Cessnock Road each day.

Work involved widening the road shoulders and strengthening a 1.66 kilometre section of the road from Russell Street to north of Testers Hollow.

Minor drainage work was also carried out to improve stormwater runoff along with the installation of roadside safety barriers to improve motorist safety.

Roads and Maritime started the safety improvement work in October last year and it was completed mid this month.

The community is thanked for its patience while these important road safety improvements were carried out.

Scot MacDonald, Parliamentary Secretary for the Hunter

WORKS COMPLETE: After nearly 10 months, the roadworks to the northern side of Testers Hollow are now finished.

WORKS COMPLETE: After nearly 10 months, the roadworks to the northern side of Testers Hollow are now finished.


The Maitland Mustangs will be celebrating their 60th anniversary with a ball on September 23 (6pm).

We are also interested in any memorabilia to be collected to be shown as a part of an exhibition during September, with contact to be made to Stacy Jacobs, Vice President Maitland Basketball.

With such a rich history over 60 years, it would be nice to get as many people involved in the ball and the memorabilia as possible. I can be contacted on 0424688147 for further information. 

Stacy Jacobs

14,000 NEW HOMES

We have an explosion in population forecast for Maitland for the next twenty years, expected to reach 104,000 according to Maitland City Council Development and Environment Manager David Simm (Mercury, July 28).

Yet we have a Mayoral candidate lobbying for possible traffic lights to be installed at the Maitland Railway Station roundabout to improve the traffic congestion in the West bound direction.

How many half measure attempts (like the one direction fly-over) are we going to have before we realise that the only solution to improve traffic flow in the New England Highway is a by-pass?

Traffic lights are good to regulate the traffic, so are the round abouts but, neither reduces the amount of vehicles using the road.

How much study is needed to establish the difference between road signs and available roadway to accommodate the amount of vehicles?

Salvatore Cocco


Rugby is 15 players, not one. That’s why you blokes don’t get into the semis. 

Michael Ryan


We mourn the loss of the Bolwarra lake forest and vegetation.  Nearly overnight this land was cleared to within 15 metres of the lake’s edge. One in 50 trees remain, the rest is barren. Apparently  developers are planning more houses down to the lakeside front.  

This forest can not be returned, the little slice of public and native sanctuary has been removed.  

Are there any laws on this? Has the council really allowed this?

Should the developers need to replace every tree cut down? ... and I do not mean on just the kerb sides? There was no public notice that we were aware of either.  

Deforestation facts are shocking in Australia. Where is the council’s conservation nerve. Sure we are expanding, sure we like the look of a new stadium, but come on … put legislation in place that preserves, sustains and improves all remaining pockets of nature in our vacinity.

Camille Adams