Teaming up to break down the barriers

GOING STRONG: Sykes Australia have partnered with Castle Personnel to provide employment for people in  the finance and customer service industry.
GOING STRONG: Sykes Australia have partnered with Castle Personnel to provide employment for people in the finance and customer service industry.

Castle Personnel has established a successful relationship with Sykes Australia, who have employed seven Castle Personnel participants into their supportive and sustainable working environment.

These seven participants identify as having varying barriers to employment ranging from mental health issues, physical impairments, or an intellectual disability.

Securing long term careers in the finance and customer service industry has benefited participant’s financial, emotional and creative independence.

Sykes Australia provide a premier and trusted customer contact centre working on behalf of the big four banks and insurance institutions.

Sykes Australia prides itself on exceptional customer service, aiming to be the best in the business achieving their goals with the best representatives.

Through the relationship established between Sykes Australia’s management team Nicole Klasen (People and Culture Business Partner), and Brendan Shaw (Recruitment Consultant), and Castle Personnel account managers Alex White and Renee McNamara, people with disabilities in the community are actively and openly becoming part of this wonderful organisation.

So what does it take to be part of the SYKES team?

Firstly, you are a customer service superstar with a passion for exceeding customer needs, a strong work ethic, a commitment to success, and the flexibility to work across varying shifts with 24/7 availability.

Two such successful Castle Personnel participants supported by the Maitland and Toronto sites respectively are Danny and Madeleine.

Participant 1: Danny

Danny is a well-known community volunteer who started at SYKES in July 2017 and has never looked back.

Danny was referred to Castle Personnel to be assisted with his mental health issues, and to be linked with a supportive employer that matches his existing skillset and personal qualities.

Since moving into employment, Danny has been recognised by management and peers as being an exemplary customer service representative and role model and is part of the future leaders training team.

Danny has gained confidence, accountability and self-worth since starting and both Castle Personnel and SYKES are exceptionally proud of his achievements.

Participant 2: Madeleine 

Madeleine commenced with SYKES as our first participant since the relationship between the two organisations commenced and has proven herself to be an exceptionally gifted employee.

After initially working in the hospitality industry, it is the finance and customer service industry that Madeleine has found a career in.

Madeleine was referred to Castle Personnel to assist with her medical barriers and linkage with a supportive employer to allow her to flourish in her journey to independence through employment.

Madeleine has seen extensive improvement and success in her role as she has progressed into roles with more responsibility and recognised for her excellence in exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Madeleine has improved her self-confidence and proven that linking with the right employer, and through hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals.

Castle Personnel have been supporting job seekers with a disability for 25 years and would like to thank SYKES Australia for their support, assistance and dedication to inclusiveness for those with a disability.

They both look forward to working as active partners in providing sustainable and life changing employment opportunities.

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