RSPCA Education Mobile Unit bus is coming to Maitland

LEARNING: Maitland Show will host the RSPCA EMU bus.
LEARNING: Maitland Show will host the RSPCA EMU bus.

Maitland Show is stepping up its role in educating kids about animals, and animal welfare.

It has secured the RSPCA’s Education Mobile Unit bus, which is a mobile education hub for children of all ages.

The bus focuses on teaching children about animal welfare through interactive displays and a range of audiovisual technology. 

Children learn about life cycles on the bus as well the cost involved in owning an animal and the role veterinarians play in caring for sick animals. 

One of the most important displays is a portal where children can feel the temperature in a hot car rising, and learn why pet owners should never leave an animal in a car. 

The bus is also equipped with a battery hen cage so children can learn how some eggs are produced. 

The bus will open its doors on each day of the show, and is expected to be a big attraction on February 16  when students from across the area come to be involved in schoolies day.