Teams battle for spots in Maitland Netball Association grand finals

The chance to earn a spot in the grand final brought out the best in players and big crowds on the sidelines on qualifying final day in Maitland netball on Saturday.

The day will culminate in A-grade grand final opponents for the past three years Hills Solicitors and The George Tavern meeting in their qualifying final at 2.30pm.

If matches in the 10 and 11 years divisions are any indicator it is going to be an exciting day of netball.

The Maitland Mercury caught up with action in the games between  Tigerlillies and Red M&M's (12-Div 1), Mini Bees and Fireflies (11-Div 2), HVGS Stars and  Tanzanites (11-Div 3) and Bluebelles and Mini Marvels (10-Div 1)

Check the Mercury for results from all games.

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Qualifying finals:

  • A1: Hills Solicitors v The George Tavern, Court 25, 2.30pm
  • A2: MRBNC Black Mamba v Purnell Trophies, Court 25, 1pm
  • A3: Flames v MRBNC Black Chikkos, Court 33, 2.30pm
  • A4: Phoenix v MRBNC Black Ice, Court 33, 1pm
  • B1: Tumbleweeds v Kamikaze, Court 28, 2,30pm
  • B2: Cougars v Dream Team, Court 28, 1pm
  • B3: Odyssey v Storm, Court 32, 2.30pm
  • B4: 50 Shades of Awesome v Day Release, Court 32, 1pm
  • C1: Spirits v HMT, Court 22, 2.30pm
  • C2: Hills Storm v Purple Poppies, Court 22, 1pm
  • T1: Rebels v Falcons, Court 33, 2.30pm
  • T2: HVGS Luna v Force, Court 23, 1PM
  • T3: Lil Bratz v Firestorm, Court 23, 11,30am
  • Inter-1: MRBNC Black Onyx v Zeal, Court 25, 11.30am
  • Inter-2: Braidy Bunch v Embers, Court 28, 10am
  • Inter-3: Jinx v VIP's, Court 22, 11.30am
  • Inter-4: Clovers v Murphy Building, Court 22, 10am
  • 12-Div 1: Tigerlillies v Red M&M's, Court 25, 10am
  • 12-Div 2; The Walkie Talkies v Garnetts, Court 33, 11.30am
  • 11-Div 1: Crazy Comets v RBs, Court 32, 11.30am
  • 11-Div 2: Mini Bees v Fireflies, Court 32, 10am
  • 11-Div 3: HVGS Stars v Tanzanites, Court 23, 10am
  • 10-Div 1: Bluebelles v Mini Marvels, Court 33, 10am
  • 10-Div 2: Haviannas v Starburst, Court 28, 11.30am