Flynn Beard is Maitland's Mother's Day baby

Sophie Forge’s first Mother’s Day was certainly one to remember.

The Maitland woman gave birth to her first child at Maitland Hospital only a few hours into Sunday morning. 

Flynn Beard took his first breath of life at 3.49am.

“I didn’t think about what day it was,” Ms Forge told Fairfax Media on Sunday afternoon.

“I was in a bit of pain at that stage, but it was a good present for my first Mother’s Day.”

As if the day wasn’t already special enough for the young family, Ms Forge said Sunday was also her and her partner Callan Beard’s third anniversary.

“Callan was terrified until the event [birth],” Ms Forge said with a smile.

“But when it happened he was really good.

“He’s so pleased.”

Mothers across the nation were treated to plenty of dinners out of the home on what is officially the year’s second busiest day for restaurants. 

Australian families spend just over $2 billion celebrating Mother’s Day, dishing out about $200 million on flowers alone.