Methamphetamine allegedly brought to Maitland Police Station

Maitland police were surprised last Wednesday when 46-year-old man allegedly brought a small bag of the illegal drug, methamphetamine (commonly known as ice) into the police station and threw it on the floor.

It is alleged the man told police that he had bought the drug to use but thought it was “bad” so he decided to hand it in to the police.

Police took possession of the drugs and the man will now be attending Maitland Local Court. 

Theft of goods left for op shop

Last week police took legal action against a 45 year old woman for stealing after she allegedly took goods that had been donated to a Maitland op shop. 

Police relied on CCTV to initiate the investigation.

It is also alleged at the time of the offence the female dumped a quantity of rubbish and was driving a vehicle while being a disqualified driver.

The woman will be attending Maitland Local Court.