Change of banknote scam circulates the Hunter Region including Charlestown Square, Swansea, Wyee and Morisset

Police are warning shop assistants to be aware of a retail scam in the Hunter where people are asking for change of banknotes.

Several incidents have been reported to police where someone walks into a shop and asks for change.

The person then begins talking to the shop assistant before confusing them and tricking them into handing over a larger denomination of money.

Police are aware of at least seven incidents of this nature across the Hunter throughout June and July.

Several shops in Charlestown Square have been targeted by the scam as well as businesses in Swansea, Wyee and Morisset.

The offenders have convinced staff to hand over amounts from $80 to $360. In one instance, someone reached into a cash till and stole $300 after failing to trick a female staff member into handing over excess change.

No incidents have been reported in Maitland, however police believe there may have been similar offences committed across the Hunter that have gone unnoticed or have not been reported.

Police are warning Maitland retailers to be aware particularly due to the increased shopping activity in Stockland Green Hills since the completion of the centre’s expansion earlier this year.